Hi, I’m Coach Steph owner/operator of our Train Strong Fit locations!  I searched for almost 10 years for a program and protein shake that I can get behind and recommend to every single one of my clients! I am so excited to share that I have found it!!! The Zen 28 Day Fat Burn Program is an easy to use with great tasting products and amazing results! It teaches you how to eat balanced healthy nutrition, consuming Protein, Fat & Carbs every 3 hours to maintain optimal metabolism and control blood sugar (PFC every 3)! This makes you a fat burning machine all day and night, which translates to a healthier, leaner more energetic YOU! Combine that with specific training at TSF and you’ll be thrilled with your results! You’ll be burning body fat while building strong lean muscle!   

The Zen P8 28 Day Challenge has 2 phases, a 7 Day DETOX and 21 Day IGNITE Fat Burn Phase. Here’s the easy to follow plan for the first week – the Detox Phase:
 Every 3 hours:
 Eat a healthy balanced breakfast. 
 Take 1 Prime Detox caplet, 15 mins later drink a delicious Zen Fuze shake – a perfect bend of PFC to fuel you in between meals!
 Eat a healthy balanced Lunch. 
 1 Prime + Zen Fuze Shake!
 Eat a healthy balanced dinner. 

For the 21 Day IGNITE Phase, you’ll follow the same daily regimen, but you’ll add in 2 Shape caplets with your Prime 15-30 minutes before your meal or snack. That’s it – SO EASY!  

100’s of people have completed the 28 Day Challenge with AMAZING results! Here are some highlights plus check out the pictures above that show bodies shrinking,  gaining lean muscle and losing body fat!  CHECK OUT THE PICTURES ABOVE for just a few examples!

Coach Steph – I lost 4 pounds, 1% body fat and 4.5 inches! It helped me get back on track with meals, lose those extra “summer pounds/fat” and I can honestly say that these shakes are the perfect snack! They keep you full for 3 hours and one of my favorite things is that they contain not only balanced PFC but also 5 strains of probiotic & 5g of fiber! I’m sold for LIFE!  

Coach Casey – Lost 3 pounds, 1% body fat and 9 inches AND went on vacation for one of those weeks! Casey said she never felt hungry and it really helped her get back on track with her meals. Wait until you see her “before” and “after” pictures!!!   

Charles  – Lost 7.5 pounds, almost 2% body fat and really noticed that he had NO cravings, increased energy and just felt “really really good” since he’s been on the products!    

New TSF Client (pictured above) – Ashley lost 5 pounds and 7.25 inches in ONE MONTH doing the Zen P8 28 Day Challenge and TSF Classes! But it was so much more that that!!! Here is what she had to say about her results:
“I’ve changed so much! The bloat in my face and body is done and my sides have definition that I’ve never seen or had before. The lower part of my tummy that I hated so much is going away and my arms!! Girl, my arms are smaller and I have seen the muscles that I knew were there! I don’t feel tired and my skin is brighter, nor sure why or it that has anything to do with it or not. I truly feel fabulous since I started TSF and then added Zen 💥 I’ve struggled with my health and weight my whole life and I cannot believe the results I’ve gotten in the last month! So much more than I ever expected.”    

IS THAT POWERFUL OR WHAT??? If you would like to join us for the next challenge, feel free to message us with questions and to be added to our Facebook Community where we all share our experiences, recipes, motivations and RESULTS! Let’s come out of this QUARANTINE feeling and looking our very best!

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