Personal Trainer Genise Whitehurst Bio

Hi! Welcome to TRAIN STRONG FIT! I am very excited to be part of such a wonderful environment where we encourage each other to become stronger, leaner and more active every day.

A few years ago I was an overweight and somewhat physically active person.  I tried numerous diets, attended various fitness classes, but nothing seemed to work.  I either got tired of the diet or the workout and I moved on to another diet and exercise gimmick.

That all changed in April 2012.  A friend and I decided to try out an indoor boot camp facility, as well as a 24 day challenge that consisted of eating whole, unprocessed foods.  In 24 days I lost 7 pounds and 15 inches – 3 inches off my waist alone!  I decided to stick with this exercise and life style change and within 5 months I lost a total of 35 pounds and totally reshaped my body by adding muscle and definition!

Not only did I change my life, but my family’s as well. My husband and our three kids are healthier and more physically active than they have ever been.

After seeing such great results and realizing what a special role my trainers had in my success I decided to become a personal trainer. In 2013 I became a Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor through the American Council on Exercise (ACE).  Since then I have had the great pleasure of serving as both a personal trainer and boot camp instructor and I have found my calling!

Genise Whitehurst - certified personal trainer at Train Strong Fit

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