Dolores Settle

GROUP TRAINING CLIENT ​Dolores Settle is making HUGE progress. We’ll update you on inches and body fat% lost soon after her assessment! Dolores has done a great job losing weight on her own and through her doctors. She had reached a plateau and was stuck. She started at TSF and here is what she has to say after just one month here! Dolores wrote: “Oh and by the way, went to Va Weight and Wellness this morning and I’ve lost a total of 25 pounds. Twelve the first month of and then 13 after a month with TSF. My doctor was so amazed at that amount in the second month she wants your info. I gave her what I had with name, phone and website. I need to take her some of your cards and postcards. Yeah! I am so over the top it’s not funny. You guys literally saved my life!” (October 2014) In 12 weeks of consistent training Dolores has not only lost 25 pounds, but she has also LOST 17.5 inches, 3.5% body fat, 15 pounds of fat and GAINED 10 pounds of muscle! She is literally shrinking before our eyes and LOVING IT! Does it get any more powerful than that?   YES IT DOES!  UPDATE as of October 15, 2015: Dolores has now lost a TOTAL OF 72 POUNDS and is off all of her diabetic medicines!!  This video she made tells her incredible success story in the most powerful way – here is her message spoken straight from the heart.
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