Michelle Smithson


Michelle has been training with us for 2 years. She got great results, got strong and trained hard but then hit a plateau. She is working against nature, medications that protect her after surviving breast cancer and other factors. But she has been DETERMINED to break the plateau and work harder to get to her goals.

THIS MONTH SHE DID IT! (October 2014) Michelle tirelessly researched information, consulted with me constantly and we came up with a slightly altered nutrition and training plan for her for the last 30 days. Tonight was her assesment and her results are REMARKABLE!

She has lost 8 pounds, 7 3/4″ inches, 1.5% body fat and gained 5 pounds of muscle IN 30 DAYS!!! Imagine how amazing she must feel after working so hard and accomplishing so much in one month. She kicked through that plateau and then some! I am so proud and happy for her. She is so deserving of the results and I know she’s not done. WAY TO GO MICHELLE! Thanks for always believing in yourself and for motivating so many here at TSF!

​You’re a true inspiration! (October 2014)


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