What Our Clients Have to Say About Their Stories

John Settle

Weight Loss, Muscle Gain & Definition

Steven VanderPloeg

Muscle Gain, Definition and Performance

Dolores Settle

Life Changing Weight Loss

Cindi Crawford & Christy Kellum

Motivation & Support for Women’s Strength Training

Holly Taylor

Weight Loss, Definition, Physical & Emotional Strength & Support

Hear her amazingly motvating story here – IF I CAN DO IT, ANYONE CAN!

Katheryn Bialkowski

Bride to Be, Training for the Wedding!

Muscle Definition, Team Training


Shawn Traylor

Weight Loss & Muscle Gain


Holy Moly!!!  My dear friend Shawn has been doing personal training with me 2x per week for 6 weeks.  He has completely changed his nutrition and is doing his “at home” homework cardio on the days we don’t train at TSF.  You will be BLOWN AWAY by his results!  He has lost 15 pounds, lost 15 1/2″, lost 2.5% body far and gained 5 pounds of muscle.  Shawn is serious about changing his life, his health and his future.  He has worked so hard to make these incredible changes in such a short time.  (October 17, 2014)

UPDATE!!! (November 18, 2014) – Shawn has now joined group training classes and has lost 29 pounds to date!  Keep up the good work Shawn – there is NO STOPPING YOU NOW!

UPDATE!!! (October 2015) – Shawn is making amazing progress and has now lost over 40 pounds, gained 24 pounds of muscle and he’s not done yet!  

Andrea Talley


I joined this team two weeks ago. I come every day for the workouts and the positive energy that I leave with. The coaches are dedicated to each member, Making sure I’m training properly to avoid injury. They are committed to train us hard to be strong and fit (hence, the name of gym!) Every member is like family, we work together and push one another. I’ve learned meal planning and better food choices. My family is even making better food choices! Come check it out! TSF Nation rocks!

Michelle Smithson


TSF is the best place to workout!! The trainers are the best in the business and definitely know their nutrition and fitness. The facility is awesome, great location, and the equipment is great. Lots of toys to play with and the workouts are the bomb!! The clients are the best. They are friendly, helpful and motivating. You will definitely feel and see the results!! Give it a try. You won’t regret it.  🙂

Tammy Snelson

Muscle Gain & Definition

Kevin Harrison


Kevin came to me 7 weeks ago and inquired about training. He had never done any real exercise program before, but he was walking at lunchtime. Kevin said that when he started this training program that he would “try to do at least 3 days a week”, which was the minimum I required for good results. Today, after his 25th continuous class, he said “If you had told me 6 weeks ago that I would show up every single day for 6 weeks, I would have NEVER believed it.” Well, BELIEVE IT FOLKS, he’s been here every single day. He gets up early when he doesn’t have to, works hard at TSF and enjoys all day energy, endurance and is even cooking at home and changing up his nutrition. He’s building muscle mass like crazy! It’s all about the HABIT. It takes 3 weeks to make or break one. Kevin has it down now and when we do his assessment in 3 more weeks, we’re gonna tell you all about how it’s paying off for him. Congrats and making a better, healthier life for yourself! (October 2014)


Kathy Rabalais


I love TSF! The trainers are dedicated and keep you motivated. I guarantee you will never get “bored” with your workout at TSF. I love the other members and look forward to my workouts everyday! It truly is the most fun you will have while working out.

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