Her day begins early, usually about 4:00am and during her backroads drive from her country farm to the Train Strong Fit gym she typically counts more deer than cars. It’s no surprise that when the first few members of Train Strong Fit walk into the door shortly after 5:00, Stephanie is bouncing on her toes and smiling from ear to ear, excited to see them. That energy continues throughout the day of classes and with personal training clients. Her passion for health and fitness in her own life and those of her clients shines through in everything she does. She’s an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Functional Training Specialist, Sports Conditioning Specialist and Fitness Nutrition Specialist, so she helps clients with all areas of their wellness journey — whatever that may be. From athletes wanting to excel in their sport to those with pounds to lose, Stephanie is ready to help you set and achieve your individual goals. Stephanie says “I love burpees” with a straight face. She means it. It’s not because they’re easy. They’re not. They’re a challenging exercise that work the whole body. But she didn’t lose 30 lbs and start her path to becoming a personal trainer from shying away from difficult exercises. This is the spirit she brings to her clients. She did it. So can you. (READ MORE)
Stephanie Ward - owner & certified personal trainer
CASEY WARD PERSONAL TRAINER Casey has spent the last five years training, building, learning and loving TSF.  Working behind the scenes and training with the TSF family for so long, she felt the call to become a trainer for Train Strong Fit. In addition to training clients, Casey also does a lot of ground work in the business operations for TSF. Administrative, bookkeeping, filing, communications and a ton of social media!   She has a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration and a thorough background in working out! Especially the “TSF way”! The Mechanicsville location is where Casey spends most of her time training classes.  She’s enthusiastic, supportive, has a delightful sense of humor, loads of light-hearted sarcasm and puns, and isn’t afraid to bust out some moves for entertainment! Casey always strives to make her clients laugh and have fun while they are “dying” in class! Her personal motto is “mind over matter” and will always make sure a client is reaching their full potential in each workout. She’s the “best of both worlds”, since she brings the tough love as well as the fun.  Come see her and we’ll guarantee that you won’t leave a class without laughing and crying! 😉
AL LOVING  Personal Trainer Al is a native Virginian, born and raised in Fredericksburg, Va.  Growing up Al was involved in team sports from an early age. He was involved in sports year-round, from football in the fall, to basketball in the winter, then baseball during the spring and through the summer.  His participation in sports continued into high school until his freshman year of college at Marshall University.  In his early college career Al began a sedentary lifestyle and slowly but surely began to notice the consequences.  He was overweight, unmotivated, and insecure about his situation.  Eventually, Al realized that there was a solution to these poor habits and unhealthy lifestyle.  A close friend had invited him to join a local gym and become his gym partner.  After a lot of convincing, Al agreed and began his fitness journey.  After only one week of working out he became hooked and realized that he had made the right decision.  A regular fitness routine was the answer he had been looking for, the key to a happy, healthy, productive life!  Since that first week in the gym, Al has been completely dedicated to a consistent fitness routine and healthy diet of non-processed, whole foods. Fitness had changed his life and there was no turning back now!  Al has a background in Physical Therapy, where he worked as a physical Therapy Technician and is now an International Sports Sciences Association Certified Personal Trainer.  Al’s passion is helping others find the life-changing benefits of fitness and nutrition through motivation and leading by example. Because of his personal fitness journey and knowledge, Al has a lot to offer our clients!   
Certified personal trainer and health coach



“I have always had a passion for fitness and exercise!”

Mae swam competitively and ran track as a teen throughout her high school career. The love of exercise and an active lifestyle is in her bones! When “adult life” kicked in, active hobbies took a bit of a back burner to the bills and the years passed. In 2014, Mae found her passion for fitness again!  After being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2013 and finishing up chemotherapy in 2014, Mae was reunited with her “long lost love.” But before she decided to return to fitness she noticed the signs of weakness that come with the weight of cancer. Her body quickly deteriorated while fighting the disease, and she lost the ability to do simple physical things. She was unable to speak a full sentence without losing her breath, she felt weak and exhausted all the time, and her brain felt foggy more often than not. So when Mae finished chemotherapy, she jumped back on the ‘fitness horse’ and took the first step back to health. The pace at which her body recuperated, strengthened and progressed was astonishing. That was when she realized how much a human body is capable of.  Within 8 months of being cancer-free, Mae ran her first half-marathon, and one year later finished a full marathon! She has always enjoyed encouraging others to exercise and be their best physical selves, because she has felt first-hand the reward of hard work. With some encouragement from Stephanie, Mae decided to become a Personal Trainer in 2018, and has been training at TSF ever since! “This experience helped me realize all the incredible things that our bodies are meant to do, and that the small things we take for granted should be appreciated because you never know when you might not be able to do them. With this realization, I knew that I wanted to help others with their fitness journeys.”  – Mae DeBruin



        Meiling is a native New Mexican, having moved to Mechanicsville in 2017.  In college, Meiling played soccer and rugby and received her Master’s of Science in Mathematics in 2001.  After graduating, she began a career with Northrop Grumman, and slowly started gaining weight as a result of her new sedentary lifestyle.  Fast forward 10 years and 2 kids, Meiling was extremely overweight, was diagnosed with pre-diabetes, had extremely low energy, and was suffering from chronic insomnia.  It was on a fall day, when she couldn’t run a 1K with her 4-year old daughter and had to have someone else participate, when Meiling vowed to live a healthier lifestyle.             Meiling started her health journey slowly.  She started walking every morning and made the decision to cut out one of her treats, sodas.  Then she started seeing a personal trainer, lifting weights 3 days a week, and quit eating fast food. She started having more energy, sleeping better, and feeling better!  She realized that living healthy was a lifestyle she had to adapt too, and that consistency is key.  She also realized that she HAD to make time in her day for her own well-being and health, as that would translate to the health and well-being of her children.  It was a tricky balancing act at first, with work, family, and her new passion for fitness but she was determined to make it work.           Because of her own enlightening experiences, Meiling wanted to help others realize the benefits of exercise and diet as she had done.  She and her family moved to Virginia in 2017 and Meiling found TSF and it was love at first sight.  She has been a client of TSF since that first group workout, and she even began coaching group classes in our Ashland location in 2018. Meiling has loved (almost) every second of her classes, workouts, and clients at TSF! 😉 She knows what it’s like to realize the significance of personal health and strength, and she knows how to help others do the same! 
CAROL THOMPSON ACE Certified Personal Trainer AAFA Certified Group Exercise Fitness Instructor  Work out because you can, not because you have to. Each day is a gift, and a new opportunity to build ourselves physically, mentally, spiritually and socially. I have been an AFAA Certified Group Exercise Fitness Instructor for 15 years. I have taught fitness of varying formats to almost every age. I’ve helped 4-year-olds stay still on their yoga mats on one end of the age spectrum to teaching Silver Sneakers to seniors on the other. I am a Hanover County native and an alum of Virginia Commonwealth University. While my bachelor’s degree is in Mass Communications, fitness has become my passion and I consider it my mission. I love helping people realize that putting themselves on their list of priorities is needed for a healthy lifestyle. Also, I strive to inspire motivation in gym members to accomplish their goals. At Train Strong Fit, you will find out what it’s like to be part of a family, TSF Nation. It is an amazing community where people are pushing their limits and finding encouragement in each other to strive for the next level. Being a coach here truly is a blessing.

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