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Train Strong Fit – Ashland, VA

11211 Air Park Rd #7

Ashland, VA 23005-3517

Phone: 804-339-4262

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Train Strong Fit – Mechanicsville, VA

7474 Lee Davis Road

Mechanicsville, VA 23111

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Today marks my 1 year anniversary when I took a chance to change/save my health and walked in TSF not knowing what was about to happen. 365 days later the before and after are awesome. I am a better husband and father. I stuck to the plan and made it part of our life. Christian Muldoon Edwards was my biggest supporter and did this with me which drove me more. To the people who worked out with me you have no idea how you motivated me every day to be accountable to our team and show up. Stephanie Sharp Ward Genise Whitehurst Tammy Kern Snelson are the absolute best trainers. You compliment each other well and know when to ask for a little more. I want to thank each of you for pushing me. I can't wait to see the next pictures next year. #tsfnation

Chad Edwards less than a year, I was stronger and fitter than I had been since high school.

Amanda McDaniel

Thank you Stephanie Ward for all that you have done for me!  I cannot wait to see what else you are able to accomplish!!!

Holly Taylor

Since January, I have lost 63 lbs, 46 inches, 7% of body fat and I've gained 16 lbs of muscle.. I don't plan on stopping.

Kristi Rogers

In the first 3 weeks, I lost 5 inches; within 10 weeks, I lost a total of 12 inches. It is amazing how much stronger my core and endurance have improved!

Kristi Seay

Did 40 miles on the bike this morning at 19 mph pace. Never could have done it that fast before TSF and it has only been 3 weeks!


Steven VanderPloeg

I've lost a total of 25 pounds. ... My doctor was so amazed at that amount in the second month she wants your info.

Dolores Settle

I have dropped a whole size in my jeans !!! Inches lost is just as good as a pound lost!

Tammy Snelson (after only five weeks)

Friendly and knowledge always concerned and helpful with my form. I have a old back injury so the trainers attention is of great importance to me they all deliver this in spades. I feel stronger and better than I have in years!

Tracy Sawyer

After 25 years of trying to get into shape, I have found the plan for me! TSF is a very comfortable personalized gym for me. Personal training with Stephanie has been a life changing experience. I highly recommend giving TSF a chance to prove that "You Can Do It!"

Sandy Hobson

Train Strong Fit is what I was looking for (and what I needed) in a gym. During my initial conversations with the coaches, I stated I wanted two things; a structured workout and to ensure I performed the exercises with the correct form. That is exactly what I got and more; couches are spot on, always observing, keeping you motivated and on track to an effective workout.

TSF has been a great place to maintain and progress my fitness levels and goals. Always a variation of challenging new exercises, always a variation of muscle group. Classes and exercises are designed for every ability group, you will gain from what you put into it. Trust me.

Great camaraderie in every class, expect to be motivated by your group, expect to motivate them. 1738

Tony B

I have "worked out" for many years at different gyms but as soon as I did my free trial week I was hooked. I got burned out everywhere else because it was always the same thing, but not here. Our trainers are constantly mixing it up and working it all! Its a great mix of weights, cardio and core. Not to mention everyone at TSF motivates you to be your best and has your back. It's personal training with friends! Come try, you won't regret it 🙂

Tori Buchanan