Tammy Snelson

GROUP TRAINING CLIENT Here is what Tammy had to say to us after a recent shopping trip! Check it out:

“So I just went shopping for some jeans and clothes for fall even though I have not lost a pound since I’ve been working out for 5 weeks @ 5 days a week, hour workout each. I have dropped a whole size in my jeans !!! Inches lost is just as good as a pound lost! THANKS Stephanie & Genise!”

Would you trade 25 hours of work for a pant size down? Uh, YEAH!!! =)

Here’s what Tammy has to say about these updated BEFORE, DURING and NOW pictures below:

“Progress! It’s slow, it’s hard, you wanna give up sometimes. I wanted to show TSF nation that it CAN be done! Eat clean, show up n exercise til your sweat is sweating and enjoy life and it will happen!”  Tammy 

Tammy’s “Before” Picture

Tammy's BEFORE Picture

Tammy’s “Progress” Pictures

Tammy's Progress Pictures 2014 - 2015

Tammy’s “NOW” Picture 10/2015

Tammy NOW October 14, 2015

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