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Her day begins early, usually about 5:00am and during her backroads drive from her country farm to the Train Strong Fit gym in the Hanover Air Park she typically counts more deer than cars. It’s no surprise that when the first few members of Train Strong Fit walk into the door shortly after 6:00, Stephanie is bouncing on her toes and smiling from ear to ear, excited to see them. That energy continues throughout the day of classes and with personal training clients.

Her passion for health and fitness in her own life and those of her clients shines through in everything she does. She’s an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and holds several nutrition certifications, so she helps clients with all areas of their wellness journey — whatever that may be. From athletes wanting to excel in their sport to those with pounds to lose, Stephanie is ready to help you set and achieve your individual goals.

Stephanie says “I love burpees” with a straight face. She means it. It’s not because they’re easy. They’re not. They’re a challenging exercise that work the whole body. But she didn’t lose 30 lbs and start her path to becoming a personal trainer from shying away from difficult exercises. This is the spirit she brings to her clients. She did it. So can you.


Stephanie Ward - owner & certified personal trainer
Certified personal trainer and health coach



Her passion for health and fitness is a family affair. Like many, Genise started her wellness journey as a way to get healthier and positively impact those she loves, specifically her husband, son and two daughters. And she has – combined they have lost 100 pounds and have run countless races!

Within your first free week, you’ll probably hear from those at Train Strong Fit (TSF Nation) that Genise is the “nice” coach. She may have started that rumor. We’ll never really know. But beyond her perfectly coordinated workout attire and beaming smile is a tough trainer who loves new challenges. That’s why Genise spends her spare time researching new techniques and helping create workouts for TSF Nation. But don’t worry, if you’re sore the next day, she will be too as the TSF trainers complete the same workouts you do each day. I guess that’s where the “nice” part comes in – she sympathizes with you all while continuing to push you day in and day out to achieve your potential.

As an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Health Coach her motto is “Get Stronger, Live Better” and you can – at Train Strong Fit!

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